Commonwealth Games 2022, Wrestling Federation of Singapore Selection Criteria

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2 min readOct 11, 2021


1. Nomination Criteria

  • Athletes’ nominations for the Games should establish qualifying standards and criteria, at least 13 months before the Games, which are open to all athletes. These athletes should satisfy these standards in championships and selection trials sanctioned by the Wrestling Federation of Singapore (WFS). WFS is required to submit WFS’s Selection Criteria to CGS/SSI for endorsement before publication.
  • WFS will state clearly in the nomination forms (received from SNOC about 6 months before the Games) the justification for the athletes to be selected.
  • Athletes must be Singapore Citizens, and should not be holding dual citizenship if they are above 21 years old, at the time of nomination.

2. Selection for Nomination Criteria

Subject to the other considerations listed at paragraph 3 below, the following criteria shall be in the selection process:

  • Athletes who have currently achieved at least 6th placing e.g. time/distance/score/mark of the 2018 Commonwealth Games* applies to the sports in the Open Allocation system.
  • Athletes and teams who have met the Birmingham 2022 standards under Qualification sports.
  • The Birmingham 2022 Games will adopt a hybrid system (open allocation sports and qualification sports):

There is a cap of 53 athletes by the Commonwealth Games Federation from the Open allocation sports. If there are more than 53 athletes meeting the SNOC/CGS Selection Criteria of 6th placing of the previous Commonwealth Games, SNOC/CGS will compare the achievements for selection based on merit. eg. 4th placing precedes 6th placing. There may be a case of athletes meeting the SNOC/CGS Selection Criteria but missing out on selection due to this cap.

  • Athletes/Teams who miss the qualifying standard marginally but show potential to equal or surpass it in time for the Games.
  • All achievements submitted for consideration should have taken place at WFS’s sanctioned championships and trials, but WFS may submit the achievements from overseas championships and meets of athletes studying in overseas tertiary institutions. However, these have to be properly accredited and sanctioned to be accepted.
  • All achievements should be achieved from July 2021 up to the Entry by Name deadline, which is likely to be in May/June 2022.
  • Selection shall be based not only on the sports performance of an athlete, but also on his ability to serve as an example to the sporting youth of his country.



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