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Olympic wrestling weight classes at the 2021 Southeast Asian Games

A total of 12 weight classes for Men and 6 weight classes for Women will be contested in Hanoi, Vietnam from the 26th — 28th of November 2021.

The weight classes are:

Men’s Greco Roman: 60kg, 67kg, 77kg, 87kg, 97kg, 130kg

Men’s Freestyle: 57kg, 65kg, 74kg, 86kg, 97kg, 125kg

Women’s Freestyle: 50kg, 53kg, 57kg, 62kg, 68kg, 76kg

For more information on our Selection Criteria for the games, please click here.


Based on the International Olympic Council’s Consensus Statement developed in 2016, Safe Sport is defined as “an athletic environment that is respectful, equitable and free from all forms of harassment and abuse (non-accidental) violence”.


  • To protect the interests of athletes, coaches, officials, staff and volunteers in our sport from harassment and abuse.
  • To outline the principles that guide our approach to safeguarding and protecting athletes, coaches, officials, staff and volunteers.
  • To adopt practices and outline standards of behaviour
  • To establish a safe sport culture that is understood, endorsed and put into action by the management committee who work for, volunteer or access our activities, courses, events and programmes. …


The Wrestling Federation of Singapore Whistle Blowing policy aims to provide a means through which employees or members of the public could, in good faith, report any activity that infringes on the Wrestling Federation of Singapore’s code of conduct or violates the law so that the organisation may take up relevant action.


All concerns will be treated in confidence and every effort will be made not to reveal the identity of the staff member making the report if so desired. At the appropriate time, however, it may be necessary to come forward as a witness.


Staff should follow the Grievance Procedure for matters relating to their own employment. The whistle-blowing policy is intended to cover major concerns that fall outside the scope of other procedures. Any serious concerns about any aspect of the Wrestling Federation of Singapore or the conduct of any staff members can be reported under the whistle-blowing policy. …

1. The Wrestling Federation of Singapore (WFS) will only nominate selected eligible athletes to SEA Games Singapore Selection Committee (SGS) for selection in the 2021 Singapore SEA Games Team (Team).

2. The athletes chosen by WFS for nomination to SGS in accordance to the terms of this selection policy will be submitted to SGS for selection.

3. WFS is the exclusive authority to select athletes to represent Singapore at the 2021 Southeast Asian Games, Hanoi (2021 Games).

4. This document outlines the minimum eligibility and qualification criteria that athletes must meet to be considered by WFS for nomination to the SGS for selection to the team and the process by which WFS will nominate athletes to SGS for selection. …

Notice is hereby given that the upcoming Annual General Meeting of the members of the Wrestling Federation of Singapore will be held by way of electronic means on:

Date: 20th September 2020 (Sunday)
Time: 7.00p.m.

Please download the official notice here.


Singapore Wrestling

The Wrestling Federation of Singapore is the governing body for wrestling styles managed under our International Federation, United World Wrestling.

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